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Our School

For normal schools, the percentage of students who g into the humanities after graduation is higher than the sciences. However, at our school, all students are highly interested in science, and events are planned throughout the year with science in mind.

These events include classes in response to entering science universities, specialized courses in science and technology, classes on Saturdays and long holidays, classes and lectures by science and technology advisers, and club activities such as the Science Research Department. In addition, the new school building completed in the autumn of 2011 is a substantial experiment and training facility that cannot be considered in a normal high school.

In this way, our school specializes in science, so students who like science can live their high school life in the best environment.

Our School's Friends

There are many students interested in science such as science, mathematics, experiments, crafts, computers and robotics at our school. There's only a few schools like this in Tokyo.

A big difference from other schools is that there are unique, science-loving friends waiting for you that you cannot meet at a regular high school. And you can live high school life of three years with the fellows. This is a major attraction of our school that cannot be measured by academic ability or deviation value.

Junior high school students, too, would you like to enter our school and live a high school life together with your close friends?