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Technological Science Education


What is technological science education?

Education which will teach students a wide range of technological science and prepare them for advancement to a science university.

Why only focus on education of “Technological Science”?

Because we want students to gain a wide understanding of technological science.

  1. We think it’s almost impossible to know exactly what kind of path one wants to follow after only graduating middle school. We believe that with our Technological Science Education, the student can surround themselves in the wide world of technological science, and then find the area that most well fits them. Then, they can put all their effort into the field they find most interesting, deepen their understanding in a university or other related research institution, and eventually become leaders for the industry of tomorrow.
  2. In today’s scientific world, many different connected technologies are rapidly advancing and diverging. At the age of a highschooler, one is able to absorb knowledge very quickly, so we expect our students to put their wide experiences and gained creative power and knowledge to great use in their future endeavors in their university and beyond.

In Technological Science Education, you learn from four forefront fields

Features of Scientific Technology Education

Focused Research (2nd Years) / Graduate Research (3rd Years)

Students choose a study topic related to science, and through their attempt to solve that problem, gain an advanced understanding of the knowledge and technology related to their problem, and in the process of pulling that knowledge together, the students become able to proactively and creatively solve problems and obtain new knowledge.

Through presentations of the results of their research, the students also gain the ability to explain concepts in a presentation format to an audience.

Small classes

In these experiment and research classes, one class will have multiple staff supervisors. The students can discover many things for themselves through the use of technical, advanced machinery and facilities.

Science Technology Advisers System

Students receive special lectures from scientists working in universities, research facilities, and industries developing state-of-the-art technology.