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Teach the students the basic tools needed to be a scientist in tomorrow’s society.
→ As the students head towards university, guide them in the ways of both technological science and regular academic subjects.

Through a complete course of normal school subjects, ensure the student's ability to proceed to a science-focused university

  • Credits in all the same classes as a normal high school (Math, English, Science)
  • Classes divided by skill level, some classes with a reduced number of students (Math, English, Physics)
  • Supplementary lessons and lectures (during summer/winter breaks and on Saturdays)
  • Regular tests and examinations (to support a smooth grasping of knowledge)

Through a wide study of technological and scientific principles, enhance the creative ability of the student

  • Study from the viewpoints of the forefronts of modern technological science (Biotechnology, Ecotechnology, Information Technology, and Nanotechnology)
  • Facilities and instruments fit for scientific experimentation and exploration
  • Focus on hands-on experimentation and research (raising the students’ problem solving ability)